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jueves, 11 abril 2019

Emotional shock

NV-IMP1006.jpgThe nurse just left saying the doctor will come soon. I don't know what I'm doing here. In my camera there are photos of a pub called 'Virgins and Castle'.

I was taking pictures in Kenilworth for a magazine who asked for images of old pubs. As in that place there was one opened in 1563, I went through the streets following the path I had traveled years ago to find, in that pub, the one that is now my wife.

If there were at pictures of well-known people in my camera or a phone number to call and ask for help.

- 'Mr. Dudley, how do you feel today,' the tall man told me.

- 'Well, thank you, what happened?,' I asked.

- You have suffered an accident, you've received a strong physical and emotional shock that has left you without memory.

- Whoa, who hurt me?

- The Bréxit.

- What's that?

domingo, 31 enero 2010

Golpe de tenedor

tenedor.JPGCuando el policía terminó el último bocado, cayó en la cuenta de que se habían comido el arma del crimen: un pernil de cordero con el que golpearon al carnicero.